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Colden Lakes Resort -- Basic Camp Rules




*Please DO NOT litter.


*Respect the lavatories.  Remember the next person!  Children are NOT to be left unattended.  Children are NOT permitted to play in the lavatories or play ball of any kind around them.


*All animals must be kept on leashes not longer than 6 feet.  Dogs barking must be controlled.  CLEAN UP after your pet!  A dog license is required by NYS Law and must be provided upon check in, as well as proof of rabies vaccination.  Absolutely NO dogs of a vicious nature are allowed.  These include Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Akitas, etc...  Day visitors to the park MUST leave their pets at home.


*All fires must be put out before leaving the site or going to bed.


*All garbage must be placed in garbage bags and deposited INSIDE the dumpster by ALL campers and day recreation people.  No trash is to be left outside or around the dumpster.  Household garbage ONLY will be allowed in the dumpster.  ALL other trash, such as refrigerators, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, grills, etc must be removed from the campground by the camper.


*Keep water taps shut off when not in use.  NO washing of RV's or cars.  Please report dripping water to office.


*Gray water MUST go into a holding tank, NOT on the ground.  This is according to NYS Health Department regulations.


*The throwing of gravel is prohibited.  Parents are responsible for themselves and their children in and around the lakes areas.  Parents will pay for ANY damage done to the campground by their children or guests.


*Children MUST be on their sites by DARK.  The playground closes at DUSK.  Absolutely no riding of bicycles permitted after dark.  For safety's sake PLEASE do not allow your children to be in the restaurant parking lot.  Children under the age of 14 MUST wear a helmet while riding a bicycle as required by NYS Law.


*Absolutely NO SWIMING in any of the lakes.  Paddle boats are available for rent at the camp office.


*ABSOLUTELY NO catching or killing of the bullfrogs.  They eat the mosquitoes!  A $50 fine will be imposed if you violate this rule.


*Radios are to be played at a reasonable level during the day.  QUIET TIME is 10:00PM to 8:00AM (all radios must be off).  Visitors to campsites must leave by 11:00PM.


*All visitors to your site MUST register at the office.  There is a $5.00 per person Day Visitor Fee.  The Day Visitor Fee includes the use of the swimming pool.  Overnight visitors will pay $10.00 per person per night.  ALL visitors must sign in and pay the corresponding fees.


*Do not cut or mutilate standing timber.  Absolutely NOTHING is to be attached to the trees!  Many are dying and it is because of the nails used to attach items to the trees.


*The speed limit is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES.  A $10.00 fine WILL BE CHARGED to speeders on park roads.  After one offense you may be asked to leave the campground permanently with NO refund.  No one is to operate any vehicles on the park grounds while intoxicated.


*Three and four-wheel ATVs and dirt bikes are NOT to be driven on the campground property.


*Lethal weapons are prohibited.  If you are found to have a gun in this campground, you will be thrown out and NO money will be refunded.


*ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS of any kind are to be blown off in the campground at any time.  They are dangerous and we will not be liable if anyone gets hurt.



   Must have four (4) wheels.  No three (3) wheeled carts are allowed.

   Persons driving MUST be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license.  NO children are permitted to operate cars.

   Owner MUST provide Colden Lakes  Resort with a certificate of Proof of Liberty Insurance, listing Colden Lakes as an additional insured property.

   No one is to operate any vehicle on this campground while intoxicated!

   Golf carts are to be driven on designated campground roads, not in the wood or on walking paths.


*The Management reserves the right to inspect all sites and to refuse privileges for just cause.


*The Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss from any cause.



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